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A common illness

Although there is no cure for dementia -  which is caused by brain cells becoming damaged and ultimately dying – with good support, people with this diagnosis can life a full and happy life. There are several types of dementia, the most common of which is Alzheimer’s disease.

The typical early signs and symptoms of dementia are when someone becomes confused and forgetful, perhaps finding tasks like cooking or shopping difficult. Although these symptoms can also be experienced in other illnesses.  Whatever the cause this can be very frustrating, frightening and upsetting for people.

The symptoms of dementia are caused by a breakdown in messages in the millions of brain cells that we have. Messages, such as finding the right word or remembering the name of a family member or friend, do not get through.

There are treatments, both drugs and memory exercises, that help delay the progress of dementia and help people cope with their symptoms. As it is a common illness, there are ways to help people adapt and lead fulfilling lives.