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Under doctor's orders

People receiving care services often need to take prescribed medication for their health conditions, and care workers are given the responsibility of looking after this medication, making sure it is administered at the right time and in the correct measure.

Medication training is a compulsory part of a care worker’s induction training, as well as needing to be updated in future training. It can be done using e learning resources, in house trainers or delivered through external training courses.

Anyone who is involved in assisting with the administrations of medication must have their competency observed regularly, so that those receiving this support can be confident that staff understand the importance of giving the right medication at the right time, in the right way.

The sort of topics covered in medication training include appropriate handling of medicines, ensuring care staff keep a complete account of medication, ensuring medicines are given safely and securely, and ensuring a person’s privacy and dignity is protected in terms of their medication.